The Jordan River

20 Aug

This past week we talked about the what the Jordan River represented to the people of Israel.  Unlike so many other rivers, the Jordan was never viewed as a sacred river.  It simply served as a barrier  for people. When Israel came to cross the Jordan, they came when the river was at flood stage and to make the crossing simpler they could have just waited a a few weeks or months and the crossing would have been easier.  Perhaps there’s more meaning to this story than just simply crossing a river.

Perhaps is has to do with God showing Israel that He’s not only God in Israel but also in the promise land.  In those days each area was believed to have it’s own god but Israel was in the process of learning that God was God of all.  He showed them He was God in Egypt but overcoming the Egyptian gods, He showed them He was God in the wilderness by providing for them, and now He showed them He is was God in the promise land by stopping the flowing rushing waters of the Jordan, enabling them to walk across on dry ground.

On aspect we talked about the crossing was that those carrying the Ark had to step off the bank in the rushing water before the waters stopped flowing.  It’s believed the Ark waited some where around 2,000 lbs.  That certainly would have been nerve racking to be carrying something of so much weight and having to step of the bank of a river into chaotic waters.  The reality is it’s that type of faith that God desires from us as we live our lives.  It’s God’s desire that we as His followers, would step into the “chaos'” of our world and bring His shalom.

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